THA HIN UB Discharge Collection and Reporting

State Reporting Information

  • Click here for UB discharges that are required to be submitted to the Tennessee Department of Health.
  • Data submission schedule. THA HIN members are required to submit discharges on a quarterly basis according to the following schedule:

    Quarter Time Span Submission Deadline
    Q1 January 1 - March 31 May 30
    Q2 April 1 - June 30 August 29
    Q3 July 1 - September 30 November 29
    Q4 October 1 - Dec. 31 March 1
  • For details such as required data elements, codebook definitions and a data dictionary, see the Hospital Discharge Data System User Manual.

Hospital Industry Data Institute (HIDI) Information

HIDI serves as our data processing and reporting vendor. HIDI, the data services subsidiary of the Missouri Hospital Association, currently collects, edits and reports UB discharge data on a statewide basis in a number of states, including Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Vermont, Georgia and Virginia.

For detailed data submission instructions, please consult the following documents: